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Accentuate Your Business Growth with African VPS Servers

Africa VPS Server Hosting works like a dedicated hosting server, the only difference is that VPS server runs on a different server. A VPS Hosting service is not only less expensive than a dedicated server but also it offers more scalability, enhanced reliability, and improved security. VPS Hosting is always a bit more costly than a traditional shared hosting solution. To lessen the gap and price differences, African Hosting has introduced Africa VPS Server Hosting Price with affordable pricing plans. You can avail Cheap VPS Server Hosting in Africa from our company at astonishing prices.

You can relish following features at an affordable Africa VPS Server Hosting Price.

Guaranteed Resources: One of the major advantages of selecting our affordable Africa Web Server Hosting Provider is that you dedicated allotment of resources; hence you’re not required to share the resources as in a shared hosting solution. Hence our economical VPS Hosting solution is the best option if you want to experience a high performance at the reduced price. With our Cheap VPS Server Hosting Africa, you will be offered with a high space, storage, and guaranteed RAM.

Root Access: We grant your server with full root access so that you can run different operating systems, install applications and perform various functions effectively.

Scalability: We provide your servers with high stability in order to make your website handle sudden spikes in network traffic. Our VPS hosting solution will ensure that your website always remains unimpacted even if there is a high workload on your server.

Choice of Operating System: We offer Windows-based VPS and Linux based VPS hosting solutions. You can pick any that fits your project perfectly.
Expert Support available 24/7: Once you choose our Africa VPS Hosting, you will be offered with a round the clock technical support. Be it day or night, you will always receive a prompt response from our team.